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Welcome to Monsterebikes.  This website was created for lovers and enthusiasts of powerful off road electric vehicles. We are proud to supply Falcon v2  and falcon v3  products range. Our e bike kits are the most powerful and lightest on the market supplied with QS205 and QS273 motor.  We’re committed to not only providing quality products and services, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

                                                 !!!PLEASE NOTE!!!
From April 2022 we we are updating our line of frames, batteries and motors to the RACE/COMPETITION specification! These parts/products cannot be used on any vehicle that is going to be used on any public roads. We have updated the geometry on our frames. Changed the design of our batteries and motors internally to achieve even greater performance necessary on the track during the race! Please kindly consider this before making the enquiry as our new line products can only be used on a race track or private lands and can not be LEGALLY used anywhere else! 


We use only the best components on the market


About our products

Falcon v2 is a enduro off road competition/race e bike. It can ride in every terrain. It is silent, powerful, fast and amazingly efficient. Our frames are made with the highest grade steel!



Our ebike kits are dominating in this class. Compared to Chinese poor quality products with no warranty and Australia expensive machines performing much worse than our products. We are offering excellent value for money.



Depending on the battery type. The range varies from 60-100 miles with no pedal assist and from 120-200 miles with pedal assist


The power varies from 10000w to 20000w and the speed from 52 to 70mph+


falcon v2 weigth around 64kg and falcon v3 is 53kg


The biggest advantage of rear hub ebikes is maintenace free exploatation. Brushless and gearless motors are much less complicated than combustion engines therefore the risk of failure compared to those is very little. The whole drivetrain is based on 3 main components:


We use in our kits well tested Kelly and Sabvoton 72150 and 72200 controllers. These sealed units are maintenace free and are lasting on average for 5 years



Battery life span is around 650- 850 cycles depending on the way it has been used. Each cycle is around 100 miles so the battery will last for up to 85000 miles!

Rear Hub Gearless and Brushless motor

Rear hub motors can take well over 100k miles


Custom Kits

every e bike kit can be customised and specifically tailored to every customer. We are offering extensive range of spare branded components like RockShox, Fox40, Marzocchi, Dnm, Magura. Our frames can be painted in every colour 



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